Urei 1603

Price per day £20.00

Price per week £40.00

Urei 1603

The 1603 offers many user friendly features for the club installer/sound engineer – most notably; a rotatable rear connector for table top or rack mount installation, input and output gain controls to configure the mixer to your set up, flexible connectivity for a range of inputs, external mute function AND Soundcraft professional input /output connectivity for unrivaled sound quality.

The 1603 also offers the Dj many pro features making life as a club dj that bit easier – most notably; the huge range of input possibilities (including convenient top panel aux in connectors), fx send and return, super smooth 3 band isolator EQ, ultra clear LED level monitoring, flexible and unique monitoring features within both the booth controls and the headphone monitoring AND of course the famous Urei sound.

  • 4 Full-function stereo channels
  • Each has inputs selectable from Mic, Phono and Line connections
  • Phono inputs are switchable to become Line level, individually
  • Mic insert on channel 1 for ease of connecting external processing
  • Rotatable rear panel allows connectors to be located on the rear or underneath of the console (for best cable access)
  • External mute function mutes all channels except mic channel 1 to allow PA announcements but mutes music
  • 3-band EQ on Channel 1 (Mic) +/-12dB
  • 3-band ISOLATOR EQ on channels 2-7, isolating from full cut to +6dB
  • 1 Aux send per channel: – Channel sends switchable pre/post fader individually; Aux Return conveniently located on top panel and can be assigned to crossfader
  • Comprehensive CUE/Monitoring system, – Aux Send can be CUE’d to headphones, Aux Return can be CUE’d to headphones
  • VCA-based crossfader reduces fader noise and allows fully variable control curves for total control of crossfade mixing style
  • Headphone output on ¼” and Mini-jack connectors
  • EQ on headphone output
  • Booth and Master Outputs on XLR, balanced and RCA, unbalanced
  • Comprehensive booth controls – EQ, mute function and L/R/stereo output selector
  • Separate master mono output
  • High Pass filter on Master and booth outputs eliminates stage or turntable rumble
  • Balance control on Master output
  • Master and booth Output Mono switching
  • Dj Mic (channel 1 only) to booth output defeat switch
  • Tri-colour LED shows Signal/Beat/Peak metering
  • Split Cue Headphone switch
  • Flip function switches Cue and Mix in headphones (L and R)
  • 10-segment Blue/White/Red LED output metering, which can read Left/Right or Split Cue/Mix
  • Individual channel gain structure controls (boost – +14db or reduce -10db)
  • Master output attenuator pads (engineer only -10 db and -20db)
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