Pioneer DJM500

A Great Match For The CDJ Series

Price per day £20.00

Price per week £40.00

Pioneer DJM500
Fader Start Play

Connecting the DJM-500 to the CDJ Series allows you to take advantage of Fader Start Play; by increasing the Fader on the mixer, the player will automatically override the Pause control and start the music immediately. Fader Start Play also works during Cross Fading, an industry first that brings out the best in sampler-style music.

Fader Back Cue Play

When the DJM-500 is used with the CDJ Series (excluding CDJ-50OG and CDJ-500), the Fader or Cross Fader controls can also return you automatically to a designated cue point if desired. By fading Cross Fader back and forth or Fader up and down quickly, you can give the “essence” of scratching a certain point on a vinyl record.

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