Bozak AR-6


Bozak AR-6 Mixer Hire

The Bozak AR-6 is a classic rotary mixer with its heritage taken from the pioneering mixers of the 70’s. Updated to give the flexibility to today’s DJ requirements, the AR-6 has been designed first and foremost for unsurpassed sound and build quality.

The AR-6 feature set, has been designed in conjunction with some of the true legendary DJ’s who have served their apprenticeship on the original rotary mixers and who are now regarded as the true masters of their craft. The mixer offers the most flexible routing, six direct phono, line or mic inputs and five auxiliary line inputs on a user selectable matrix with a balance control for each input, the AR-6 has more than enough input options.

The flexible headphone section gives the DJ flexible control over the cue and mix. The clear warm and loud headphone output with a mix control that allows the DJ to pan between the Cue or Program output or a mix anywhere between. The Headphone jack is backlit to allow you to find the socket in the dark DJ booth.

Dedicated Master and Booth gain controls gives you total control over the mix with flexible stereo balanced or unbalanced options as well as post fade tape output and dedicated mono master output.

The Loop control allows the DJ to add their choice of effects or processing to the master output and the Loop/Direct switch allows the connected processor to be switched in or out at the DJ’s discretion. Used in conjunction with the EQ-6 the loop feature will take your effect control to another level.

3-band stereo EQ gives perfect overall tonal control of the mix. With its cross-over points having been carefully selected to yield a most natural sound and to emphasise the artistry in the musical production, the Bozak’s frequency dividing technology provides superior dynamic response making the control smooth and the individual tone control allows the user to EQ beats, vocals and the high hats.

Fitted with ALPS RK27 Blue Velvet pots, carbon resistors, polyester mylar capacitors and ultra low noise hi-fi grade worldwide toroidal power transformer, all culminating in Bozaks signature rich warm sound.

3-band EQ with 6dB per octave cross over slopes:
  • Mid/Treble 4KHz
  • Bass/Mid 400Hz
  • Line and Phono Inputs Gold plated RCA
  • Auxiliary Inputs Gold plated RCA
  • Microphone inputs Balanced 3 pin Neutrik XLR
  • Line Outputs Gold plated RCA
  • Balanced Line Outputs Balanced 3 pin Neutrik XLR
  • Loop In & Outputs ¼” 3 pin switched jacks
  • Mono Output ¼” 2 pin Jack
  • Tape Output Gold plated RCA
  • Post Send and Returns ¼” 3 pin switched jacks
  • Headphones ¼” 3 pin jack
  • Ground post 2x thumb screw chrome binding posts
  • Power Supply Selectable 100-125vAC or 200-250vAC 50-60Hz IEC
  • Dimensions 3U x 19″. 133mm (h) x 483mm (w) x 203mm (d)
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