Pioneer CDJ1000 MK3

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Pioneer CDJ1000 MK3

Before Pioneer launched the CDJ-1000 in 2001, CDs were seldom seen in the hands of club DJs, it was largely a vinyl only affair until the CDJ-1000 (now referred to as the mk1) launched and then proceed to make a full assault on DJ booths the world over.

Pioneer’s most popular unit with DJs (up until the CDJ-2000 came out) by a country mile, every club worth its salt has had a pair of these in it, a lot still do!

Praised for it’s ruggedness, accurate vinyl emulation and responsiveness, it was an instant hit and remained so throughout the next decade, the final revised version being the mk3 of which all our hire stock are.

Still regarded as the industry standard, a mantle which is only likely to be passed on to it’s newer sibling, the CDJ-2000.

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